Welcome to Earn Alliance's Press Kit!

On the following pages you will find relevant information about our company. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

About Earn Alliance 
Our mission at Earn Alliance is to ignite gamer passion and drive developer success by transforming game discovery into rewarding experiences and exciting opportunities. As the premier web3 game aggregator and discoverability platform, we take pride in connecting a global network of players with a vast selection of games and fostering developer engagement with dynamic communities.

Our platform exemplifies unity in the gaming realm, serving as a central hub for over 400,000 unique registered users. At their disposal, these members enjoy access to thousands of blockchain games, up-to-the-minute news, updates, NFT launches, and captivating content.

The Earn Alliance network has seamlessly aggregated over 3,500 web3 game-related social and content feeds into its ecosystem and has run gamified engagement campaigns with prominent games such as BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy, and Gods Unchained. This collaborative effort has yielded remarkable results, with these games collectively launching over 603,000 NFTs and experiencing substantial community growth — in some cases, by as much as 362%.

Central to Earn Alliance's ethos is the streamlining and harmonization of interactions across the web3 gaming landscape and the digital collectibles domain. Our goal is to make game discovery and launches seamless, enhancing the gaming experience to become not just enjoyable, but a foundational aspect of an a rewarding game life.